1971 Dodge Demon Information

1971 Dodge Demon BrochureThe Dodge division of Chrysler added a new addition to Dodge Dart lineup in 1971. Named the “Demon” it was basically a standard Dart sedan but featured fastback sheetmetal. The result was a sporty two-door coupe that was economical, dependable and highly popular. The Demon shared its body with the Plymouth Duster Dodge’s version featured a different grille and rear taillight assembly.

The Demon featured a 108″ wheelbase and was available in two trim levels, the base Demon or the Demon 340 musclecar. The base Demon was priced at $2,343 with your choice of the 198 C.I. Slant Six or the 318 C.I. V-8. A larger 225-cubic-inch slant six was also available, most Demon buyers choose the more economical Slant Six models. A three-speed manual transmission was standard or buyers could also get the optional Torqueflite automatic.

The base demon standard trim was an all-vinyl bench seat. Colors for the vinyl were tan, dark blue, or black. Floor mats were black rubber. The Demon also was available with several optional trim levels. A cloth and vinyl bench seat was also optional at extra cost on the base coupe. The fabrics were available in blue, green, orange and black, and white and black. Also optional at extra cost on the base coupe was full-foam, all-vinyl bucket seats. The vinyl was also available in orange and black or black. The center console was optional at extra cost.

The Demon instrument panel included a 120-mile-an-hour speedometer, gauges for alternator, engine temperature, fuel, with warning lights for oil pressure and brakes. and simulated wood trim. A manual 3-speed column shifted transmission was standard or a column shifted automatic was optional. Buyers could also choose a floor shifted 3 speed manual or a floor shifted automatic and consol at extra cost. Air-conditioning was also available at extra cost.

The Dodge Demon was available in fourteen standard colors and four optional, High Impact colors. Vinyl roofs were also available as an option. The Demon Sizzler Package was added mid-year as an option.

1971 Dodge Demon Production Numbers:

  • Base Coupe: 69,861
  • Demon 340 Coupe: 10,098
  • Total 1971 Demons: 79,959